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Rocky Mountain Elk Urine

Moccasin Joe™ AMBUSH™ Rocky Mountain Elk Urine Lure

Lure in trophy bulls with the irresistible scent of 100% pure, natural Rocky Mountain Elk Urine. The Rocky Mountain Elk Urine lures both cows and bulls into your strike zone by creating a natural scent trail for curious elk to follow. It's great for masking human odor and entry trails to hide your presence from wary game when elk hunting.

  • Create natural scent trails
  • Lures in cows and bulls
  • Mask human odor and entry trails

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elk lureKishel's 6x6 Elk Lure

A must for the serious elk hunter. Gun or bow, this irresistible odor gets the big bulls in close. Territorial, Curiosity and Sex Drive all in one bottle. Works best during the rut, near or around their wallows. Try a bottle on your next elk hunt. Kishel's Lure lasts season to season.

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black tail lureKishel's Black Tail Lure

Everyone who has hunted Black Tail deer knows their elusive nature. Next time you go Black Tail hunting try a bottle of Kishel's BLACK TAIL LURE. Used as a trailing or positioning scent. Unlike animal urines, no special care is needed to insure this products effectiveness. Simply cap any unused portion and save for next season.

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