Animal Urine

Tink's Red Fox-P® Cover

Tink's Red Fox-P® Cover

  • A powerful cover scent to help cover human odor
  • Natural in most whitetail woods
  • Use on boot pads and drag rags to help cover your tracks
  • Easy to use pump spray

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Tink's Bandit Cover Scent

Tink's Bandit Coon Cover Scent

  • Great to use with a Tink’s Scent Bomb when hunting from a tree stand
  • Raccoons feed and frequent the same areas as whitetails
  • Excellent to use on the ground when stalk hunting
  • Easy to use pump spray

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red fox urine

Wildlife Research Center Red Fox Urine

Red Fox Urine is a Deer Hunter's Grade Masking Scent & Fear Reducer. It is collected only from adult, Meat Fed red fox. This premium red fox urine is acknowledged as one of the best cover scents a hunter can use. It also works as an excellent fear reducer in deer. This is the best red fox urine you can use. You can smell the difference.

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doe urine

Wildlife Research Center Select Doe Urine

The perfect lure for non-rut hunting. Natural & Dependable. For non-rut hunting, Select Doe Urinedeer scent by Wildlife Research Center® is the perfect lure. A mild, non-threatening territorial attractor, this buck lure contains non-estrus doe urine that masks human scent, appeals to curiosity instinct of the buck, and then acts as a calming agent to reduce fear.

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cow elk urine scent wafersHunters Specialties Prime Time Cow Elk Urine Scent Wafers

Hang this scent near your tree stand and wait for big bulls to arrive. Developed by a wildlife biologist, this Cow Elk urine scent wafer emits a scent that bulls cannot resist. Molecules of scent are forced into the air, and the dispersal lasts up to eight hours. These wafers will not spill, freeze or wash away. There are three wafers each in a reusable container, which lets you revitalize the wafers after use.

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raccoon urineWildlife Research Center® Coon Urine™ Hunter's Masking Scent

This intense, full-bodied, all-natural urine product is a true Deer Hunter’s Grade™ Masking Scent/Fear Reducer—the best available. Use this raccoon urine in areas where animal activity is noted, to help bring in otherwise skittish game. 1-oz. bottle.

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