Scent Control Soaps

Hunter's Specialties Scent-A-Way Soap

Hunter's Specialties® H.S. Scents™ Scent-A-Way™ Anti-Bacterial Liquid Soap

Enjoy total scent elimination before your next hunt with Scent-A-Way™ Anti-Bacterial cleansing products. Scent-A-Way Anti-Bacterial Liquid Soap from Hunter's Specialties® H.S. Scents™ deodorizes and neutralizes human odors by knocking out the bacteria that cause them. Soap can be used as both hair shampoo and body soap. Contains odorless moisturizers.

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Dead Down Wind Soap

Dead Down Wind® ScentPrevent® Bar Soap

Dead Down Wind's bio-engineered process known as ESP has an enzyme that targets human bacteria--the source of human odor that actually prevents odor causing bacteria from forming, so you can maintain a zero scent environment. Dead Down Wind has incorporated two new technologies into the manufacturing process to further enhance scent protection. Nano-Technology transforms particles to the atomic level, so the enzymes operate far more efficiently. Fusion Technology is a patentable manufacturing process that adheres two or more foreign particles for significantly improved performance, efficiency, and speed of action.

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Hunter's Specialties Scent-A-Way Soap

Hunter's Specialties® Scent-A-Way™ Antibacterial and Deodorizing Bar Soap

Scent-A-Way™ Advanced Formula combines four key elements to prevent and eliminate odor. We’ve proven that Scent-A-Way soap prevents and eliminates odors by molecular conversion; oxidizing, bonding, and neutralizing odors in the lab, but the real proof is in the field where Advanced Formula Scent-A-Way also passed the test of the wildlife’s nose. Won’t stain or fade clothing. All-natural, environmentally safe, and not harmful to the skin.

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Scent Killer Liquid Soap

Wildlife Research Center® Scent Killer® Anti-Odor Liquid Soap™

Effective, concentrated, unscented formula for body and hair. Washes away human odor.

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