Scent Control Field Wipes

PrimosSilver XP field wipes

Primos® Silver XP™ Scent Elimination Field Wipes

Based on the same dual-action formula as the Primos Silver XP Scent Eliminator spray, these wipes are ideal for eliminating odors on all your hunting gear. Primos Silver XP field wipes have a dual-action formula eliminates both bacteria-caused odors such as body odor and nonbacterial odors such as smoke and food. 20 count.

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Dead Down Wind Field Wipes

Dead Down Wind® ScentPrevent® Wash Cloths

Dead Down Wind® Scent Elimination Products DDW’s ScentPrevent® bio-engineered scent elimination incorporates powerful new nanozyme technology, which uses an enzyme to target bacteria—the source of human odor. Rather than masking scent, it actually prevents odor-causing bacteria from forming, allowing you to hunt in a zero-scent environment. ScentPrevent products are enzymatically performance grouped to help you develop your own scent elimination approach.

Dead Down Wind® ScentPrevent® Wash Cloths prevent and terminate odor molecules in seconds—just wipe down exposed areas and you’re scent-free. 20 count 8" x 10" towelettes. Biodegradable.

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Hunter's Specialties Scent-A-Way

Hunter's Specialties® Scent-A-Way™ Field Wipes

Scent-A-Way™ Advanced Formula combines four key elements to prevent and eliminate odor. We’ve proven that Scent-A-Way prevents and eliminates odors by molecular conversion; oxidizing, bonding, and neutralizing odors in the lab, but the real proof is in the field where Advanced Formula Scent-A-Way also passed the test of the wildlife’s nose. Won’t stain or fade clothing. All-natural, environmentally safe, and not harmful to the skin.

Hunter's Specialties® Scent-A-Way™ Scent-A-Way Field Wipes are easy to take with you to help eliminate odor when other methods aren’t available. Twenty 8" x 5" wipes in a resealable pack.

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Scent Killer Field Wipes

Wildlife Research Center® Scent Killer® Field Wipes

A convenient way to get cleaned up and deodorize when you're out hunting is with Scent Killer Field Wipes. Resealable package. Per 24.

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