Scent Control Clothing and Products

activated carbon clothing

Activated Carbon Clothing

Activated carbon clothing deodorized hunting clothing and helps absorb and eliminate odors. Activated carbon clothing is available in gloves, pants, jackets, turtlenecks and more. Activated carbon clothing is availble from Scent-Lok and RedHead.

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scent control deodorant

Scent Control Deodorants

Scent control deodorants will help to reduce human odor when hunting. Use a scent control deodorant to stay both dry and odor free when hunting. A variety of manufacturers make scent elimination deodorants including Primos, Hunter's Specialties, Scent Killer and more.

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scent control detergent

Scent Control Detergents

There are special scent control detergents made for washing your hunting clothes prior to hunting. Make sure to wash all of your hunting garments before your go out in the field with one of the scent free detergents made by Wildlife Research Center, Hunter's Specialties, Scent-Lok, Primos or Scent Killer.

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scent control field wipes

Scent Control Field Wipes

Scent control field wipes are great to use for touch ups when out in the field. Scent control field wipes are also perfect for wiping your scent off your trail camera or other hunting equipment. Primos, Dead Down Wind, Hunter's Specialties and Wildlife Research Center are just a few of the manufacturers of scent control field wipes.

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scent control shampoo

Scent Control Shampoos

 Make sure to use scent eliminating shampoo before heading out into the field. There are a variety of manufactueres who offer scent eliminating shampoos including Wildlife Research Center, Primos and Dead Down Wind.

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scent control soap

Scent Control Soaps & Body Washes

The best scent control starts in the shower. Don't forget to use scent eliminating body soap to have the ultimate scent control. Choose from popular brands including Hunter's Specialties, Dead Down Wind and Wildlife Research Center.

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scent control spray

Scent Control Spray

Scent control spray can be used to spray your hands and your hunting equipment including your backpack and shoes. Select one of the popular scent control sprays including Dead Down Wind, Hunter's Specialties, Primos and more.

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scent control toothpaste

Scent Control Toothpaste & Mouthwash

Don't forget your breath! Using scent control toothpaste or mouthwash before going out on a hunt is a good idea. However, you can continue to eliminate odor by chewing scent control gum while out in the field. Choose from Scent Blocker, Dead Down Wind and Hunter's Specialties to remove any odor from your mouth.

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