Skunk Scent

Tink's Cover Scent

Tink's® #10 Skunk Scent

A Super Powerful 100% Natural Masking Agent To Mask & Cover Human Scent. Do Not Apply To Clothing, Person Or Boots. Very Difficult To Remove. Best Used By Placing On Cotton Balls Around Stand Or On Clean Pipe Cleaner Tied To Gun Or Bow. Select from a variety of different Tink's cover scents.

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Harmon Skunk ScentHarmon - Skunk "Cover"

There is no odor quite like this. We sell the GOOD STUFF…and does it STINK!!! Select from a variety of different Harmon cover scents.

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Buck Stop Skunk ScentBuck Stop® Skunk Scent

Buck Stop Skunk Scent is 100% natural. Requires no mixing. Guaranteed to hide all human and foreign odors. 1 oz. Glass bottle.

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