Raccoon Scent

Code Blue Coon Urine

Code Blue® Coon Urine Cover Scent

A common odor in the woods is the scent of raccoons. This is why we chose raccoon urine as one of our cover scents. All-natural coon urine is an effective way to mask human odor all season long. Available in large, long lasting, 2-ounce bottles.


Wildlife Research Center Coon UrineWildlife Research Center® Coon Urine™ Hunter's Masking Scent

This intense, full-bodied, all-natural urine product is a true Deer Hunter’s Grade™ Masking Scent/Fear Reducer—the best available. Use Wildlife Research Center Coon Urine in areas where animal activity is noted, to help bring in otherwise skittish game. 1-oz. bottle.

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Cronk's Raccoon Tree MaskCronk's Raccoon Tree Mask

Use Cronk's Raccoon Tree Mask on trail scent pads to leave a raccoon scent trail going to your tree stand. When in your tree stand, apply a squirt below and one above. Raccoons are tree animals, making Cronk's Raccoon Tree Mask a natural cover scent for all types of deer hunting.


Rickard's Trapping Raccoon LureRickard's Trapping Racoon Lure

The Pioneer of hunting and trapping scents, proudly offers this line of fool proof trapping of over 70 years because they work! These heavey thick lures work all season. 100% lure,Properly age,No fillers, and Non - freezing.




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