Corn Scent

buck snort

Buck Snort - Sweet Corn Gel Attractant

The power of food bait in a concentrated gel attractant scent. Six (6) powerful gel attractants that allow deer hunters to attract hungry or curious bucks to the smell of favorite foods without baiting. The big 12 oz. bottle allows the deer hunter to use plenty of Buck Snort without fear of running out. Buck Snort is also very effective as a cover scent to hide human odor or other foreign smells.


Wildgame Innovations Feeder Intensi-Fire Feed Supplement

Mix this ultraconcentrated pelletized formula by Wildgame Innovations with grain or feed in your feeder to add nutrition and sugar that will maximize the potential of your herd. Intense scent will get deer using your feeder immediately.

  • Add nutrition and sugar to your feed
  • Intense scent gets deer using your feeder
  • Pelletized formula

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Buck Wild Corn Scent

We don't call it "Yellow Gold" for nothing. Distinct aroma of sweet, yellow corn for that unmistakable, irrestible scent. It's no secret that deer love corn. Bucks and does, they ALL eat it. Finally, you can "create the bait" anytime, anywhere. From cornfields of the mid-west, to the bait piles of the southland, and everywhere in between, this one ought to be illegal!



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