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C'Mere Deer Root'n Juice

C'Mere Deer - Root'n Juice

Root'n Juice comes in concentrate form. Use to spray, pour or soak an area or food source to which you desire to attract hogs and bear.

Root'n Juice is a very flexible solution. It does not have to be mixed or diluted to be effective. It can be used full strength as a concentrate to inject an even stronger scent or presense of the attractant. This will increase the time and the effectiveness of the attractant between treatments to hold the animals in the area longer.

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Dominant Wild Boar Hog Urine Scent

Boss Hawg Dominant Boar Hog UrineBoss Hawg dominant boar urine is the newest scent in our line of Wild Hog Hunting products from Razorback Outfitters, Inc.

One of the greatest ways to lure in a big old boar other than by means of a Sow In Heat or food attractant, is to make him think another boar is trespassing into his territory. This 100% Pure Dominant Boar Urine is sure to raise a hair or two on his old Razorback!


Slick Hog Drip Wild Boar Hunting AttractantSlick Hog Drip - Wild Boar Hunting Attractant Dripper

Slick Hog Drip is a visual and scent attractant second to none. The scent, along with the shiny, moving package, will lure your hogs to your area. It contains no food by-products and will not freeze in the colder areas of the north.



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